ATTENTION: All advanced private music, theater, dance and voice students!
Take your artistry to the next level. Apply for the Gateway scholarship.

Winners receive designated funding (paid directly to the teacher) for continued studies. All applications are due by October 15th with auditions beginning October 29th. The prestigious scholarship awards ceremony takes place in December. Completed applications must be submitted to 9113 Lazy Hill Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89117

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Alumni Voices

At 14 years old, a passion grew inside of me to sing. I started my singing career then by taking the initiative to call senior homes and offer to sing for their residents. After about 100 performances for them, I started receiving bookings for weddings, social club events, get togethers, birthdays and more.

However, at this time my entertaining personality and self-trained voice could only take me this far. I needed help to get to a new level and needed someone to realize my potential, reach out their hand to me and invest into my singing career. I needed someone to invest into what I would later continue to give back to seniors, non-profit foundations, and our community.

I started taking vocal lessons, but they soon become too expensive for my mother to afford. After a short while, I had to cut the lessons down to thirty minute durations, one time per week.

However, I was introduced to the Gateway Foundation. I had submitted an application and two years in a row the foundation granted me two scholarships, for a total of $2,000.

Thanks to these scholarships, I was able to find my voice, learn how to actually breathe correctly and learn how not to destroy my voice while performing on the stage.

Thanks to Gateway I was ready to advance to the next stage.

One day an entertainment director saw me performing and decided to give me the opportunity to sing one or two songs regularly on the stage at two major casinos in Las Vegas. Over night, my audience went from 50-150 people to 750-1000 people.

Soon after, I landed a show at the Palms Casino at just 18 years old with a full band. The show ran two times a week, every Thursday. The show was such a success that the line for the entrance went across the casino and almost out of the door before the show even started.

I was able to perform 550 shows in Las Vegas. I went on Channel 8, Fox 5. I sang a song for Andy Williams, Wayne Newton and Dionne Warwick. And I had the honor to briefly shake hands with the President of the United States.

And I thank you, the kind individuals at Gateway for the “golden ticket” you gave me. You believed in me and I say thank you so much!

I have performed in many events and also participated in the Gateway Arts Scholarship awards program. Gateway of the Arts has been supporting the arts in Las Vegas for many years and is an invaluable member of the arts community.
Camille is a true patron of the arts and I’m proud to call her a friend.